Regenesys™ is a story of revenge unleashing the worst in two women. Hate drives these two women to join forces and become one… (No, not in that way, although it is Vegas and I don’t blame your gutter mind from going there) A brutal murder for hire gone gruesomely wrong barbeques a super model into a charred corpse, brought back to life to seek vengeance, and ultimately to be the prophesized catalyst for the end of the world.

From Their Point of view…

Leah Gahagan 


When Frank first approached me with his Regenesys idea, I was intrigued not only by the characters and plot line, but by the proverbial well from which he drew his inspiration. As an eight year resident of Las Vegas prior to meeting Frank in New York City, you could say I already had massive exposure for several years to the Vegas lifestyle he depicted in his outline.

Without going into the details, let’s just say it was particularly fascinating for me to witness firsthand how two people could have such opposing perspectives of the same place. Had I been there so long that I was hardened? Did the corruption and scandal and sin that are Las Vegas no longer faze me, or did Frankie Boy just not spend enough time there? Ah, yes! It was this exact opposition that made me believe we had something on our hands that had the potential to become quite remarkable.

A perfect balance of innocence vs. evil, corrupt vs. pure, the real and unreal, the living and the ones merely existing in a shell – all of which embrace the very core of the Regenesys story.

Frank(lyn) Espinoza 

Creator and Illustrator

What happened in Vegas stays… in my head! Seeing the natural evil and dark energy that dazzling city emits helped spawn Regenesys from the dark hell within my creatively demented head. I created Apocalon, an illustrated series back in 2005 based on the book of Revelations, I needed something to get the apocalyptic ball rolling, hence: Regenesys – The beginning of the end.

I can safely guarantee you that there are no steroid freaks in tights named “Whatever lame shit title-man” flying around in our comics or graphic novels. Our characters bleed, curse, kill and violently slaughter so…

Sit back, relax and enjoy this sick, twisted, no holds barred tale

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